1 Daisy St, Ladera Ranch, CA, United States

Meet Coach Colleen

Colleen is a member of the National Council of Strength and Fitness, a certified TRX and R.I.P.P.E.D. trainer and a certified Group and Boot Camp Trainer through the American Sports and Fitness Association.  Additionally, she has more than 24 years of experience on the softball field, and competed at the Division 1 Level as a left-handed catcher and 1st basemen at Baylor University.  Also, as a member of the Waco Boxing Association, Colleen competed and won in the 2003 Golden Gloves boxing competition.

Colleen enjoys outdoor activities, and graduated with a degree in Outdoor Recreation from Baylor University. She has lead and facilitated groups in leisure and group activities from population latency to geriatrics, both leisure and competitive training.

She has always dreamed about giving back and doing what she loves to do; play, coach and inspire.  She works with Recreational Leagues, Travel Ball Organizations, Individuals, and Parents offering training in Softball Skill Development: Plate Warrior Workouts for hitting and catching and in Athletic performance/ and Adult Fitness Conditioning:  Athletic Warrior and Water Warrior workouts year-round.​

Colleen Bordages, Water Warrior CEO

Colleen has competed in various sports ranging from competitiv​e softball, soccer, boxing and flag football.  She has also run numerous athletic training programs for varsity high school teams, group fitness classes and boot camps, private individual programs, and a number of sports, including softball, tennis, swimming, kickboxing, Pilates and yoga.

​Her passion for competing, playing sports and working out is what drives her to work with teams, groups and individuals to unleash their inner ability, and push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of.  Her goal is to inspire and motivate her students during athletic conditioning sessions.

Colleen teaches her students that more of what they do and accomplish is a result of their mindset.  From professional athletes to stay-at-home moms, a person's mindset helps determine the actions needed to stay “able-minded.” She believes that the mind must be included with the physical training to accomplish goals, regardless of whether they are training/sport goals, academic, or other life goals.